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"You Can Have It All" by Yo La Tengo (from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, 2000)

In the final days of the most volatile relationship of my life, I’m pretty sure I spent quite a bit of time driving around with this song on repeat, feeling like I had given every little bit of myself away. Somehow, I think this was Yo La Tengo’s insidious intention. Following the band’s sometime-tradition of inventive cover songs by obscure 20th century pop artists, “You Can Have It All” was written by Harry Wayne Casey of KC And The Sunshine Band, of all people. However, YLT make it completely their own in one of their most inviting pop confections ever. Drummer Georgia Hubley takes the mic for this one, and her silvery coo weaves itself beautifully through various percussion instruments, a string section, and that doo-wop/disco influenced “ba ba ba ba / baaa-ba” hook. It’s a gorgeously simple paean to selfless, unconditional love, elevated to heavenly heights by some of the greatest pop interpreters in American indie music.